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Traveller's credential

Traveller's credential

We have a proposition for you. Follow the seaside route from As Catedrais to the town of Ribadeo (on foot, by bike, by car...).

Along the way you will discover this unique, natural paradise of the Cantabric, sculpted by the sea, until you reach your destination in Torre de los Moreno, a symbol of Ribadeo's modernism and cosmopolitism.

How to obtain the Traveller's Credential (Credencial del Viajero)?

Credencial de viajero

In order to obtain your Traveller's Credential, you will need to prove that you have been to 4 spots of this route: As CatedraisRinlo, the lighthouse on Illa Pancha, and O Cargadoiro. You can take a picture of yourself in each of these beautiful areas and bring them to the Tourism office in Ribadeo's Town Hall, where you will receive your own numbered credential. We will feature you in our Ribadense Travellers Book (Cuaderno de viajeros/as ribadenses).  

Also, with your Traveller's Credential you will be given the Tarjeta 24 horas of Ribadeo.