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Regardless of why you come to Ribadeo, the town offers you a great variety of things to do and entertainment. There are many original romantic places where you can share unforgettable experiences with your special someone.

If peace and quiet is what you are looking for on your romantic getaway, we've got you covered. Ribadeo could be an ideal destination for your honeymoon, although being “just married” is not necessary to rekindle the spark of that first day and enjoy every moment you spend together.

Couples can find everything from rural lodgings to charming hotels and family-run pensions; there is no shortage of accommodation alternatives. Get in touch with the local people and their customs, taste our homemade food and our specialties, and discover a small town full of life. Accomodation and food.

These are a few places that will have you wishing you could stay there.

As Catedrais

Ribadeo's historical quarter is full of authenticity, history, and beauty. It will take you back to another age. Lose yourselves among these remnants of the past that have withstood the ravages of time and enjoy a romantic walk along the port, where you can stop at a restaurant to recover your strength.

They say happiness is all about the journey, not the destination, but why can't we have both? On the coast of Ribadeo there is a small town called Rinlo. It's one of the oldest towns in the Cantabric littoral, whose seafood is well known for its quality beyond the Spanish borders. Its quaint colourful houses, its light, and its famous shellfish farms make Rinlo a must-see.

Love is also about adventure and passion, so the next recommended stop is Ribadeo estuary, one of the most endearing spots in the municipality. Can you imagine how romantic a boat ride across the estuary would be? Set sail with your sweetheart on a small boat and have the time of your life.

For all the thrill-seekers looking to pump the adrenaline, we can offer other alternatives in this privileged setting, such as canoeing, kayak, and nautical activities for the experienced. Active tourism

An alternative way of exploring the estuary, suitable for all ages, is taking a walk along its Galician shore. You will discover a beautiful inlet where an old tide mill is preserved. There you can have a picnic surrounded by nature.


If you love the coast, you absolutely need to visit Illas, one of the most fascinating, spectacular, and romantic beaches in Ribadeo. It is the perfect combiniation of sea and land. Exploring it won't take long, so wander up to its cliffs, enjoy this intimate setting, and have some together time.

And of course, if you want to fall in love all over again, watch the sunset on As Catedrais beach. Its majestic cliffs, its treasures hidden in caves, blowholes, and grottos, and its unmistakable essence make it unique.

After watching the sunset from As Catedrais, before you call it a day, we suggest taking advantage of the dark and take some photographs of Ribadeo at nighttime. You will have unique lights and backdrops to make unforgettable pictures with your partner.

Playa de As Catedrais y playa de Illas