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Historical quarter Ribadeo

If you plan to visit Ribadeo on a long weekend, we suggest the following plan so that you don't miss any of the most iconic spots.

If you are planning to visit As Catedrais beach while in Ribadeo, you should take the tides into account. It's recommended to visit the beach at low tide. At the Tourism office we are happy to inform you what time is the best to go. At the office you can also request a map-guide with pre-planned routes  indicating the locations of all the landmarks in the area.

The Tourism office is in Plaza de España. If the tide is low in the afternoon, you will have time to make your way from the Plaza. This plaza is the beating heart of the village, around which stand buildings that will walk you through Ribadeo's history.
After you leave the plaza, you have two alternatives to choose from. You can go down the “calle peatonal” -pedestrian road-, one of the busiest streets in Ribadeo. It, along with the streets running perpendicular to it, concentrate countless shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants where you can see first-hand what is happening in town. At the end of the road you will reach one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Ribadeo nowadays; the Barrio de San Roque. The “Barrio Indiano de San Roque” is known for concentrating the largest number of Indiano mansions in the region. These residences, veritable urban villas in some cases, were built by wealthy returning emigrants from America, Indianos. These boldly-coloured houses, with elegant decorative symmetries and shapes, belonged to a new, more sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

On one of these streets you will find the Plaza de Abastos (market hall). Inside you can purchase a variety of meats, fish, and fresh seafood, as well as fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. Wednesday markets are held here. The hall is open from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Saturday. 

The other option is to head towards the sea and enter the Historical quarter, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). The most significant religious edifice here is the Atalaia chapel from the 12th century, the oldest in town. From here you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the marina and Ribadeo estuary. Remember you can use our panoramic lift to go down to the docks.


Once you are in the port, after a walk along the promenade, you can enjoy a tasting of the assorted fish and seafood from our sea and estuary. Octopus, razor shells, squids, grouper, sheepshead, bass... Every dish is a unique experience.


Ribadeo estuary

A good way to spend a relaxing afternoon is to go on a boat ride across Ribadeo estuary and watch the town from a different perspective. The boat ride will allow you to see the famous ría that links two peoples and cultures. You can get off in Castropol or Figueira, two riverside towns in Asturias, and have a glass of their famous cider.  

Back in the marina, you could go down to Bloque beach. At high tide it is a perfect place to take a dip before resuming your journey. The Senda azul runs very close to to beach. If you follow it, you will reach a recently restored old tide mill.


If you are in the mood for a casual dinner, you can go on a tapas crawl and taste the so-called cuisine en miniatura in over 50 restaurants. The perfect accompaniment to this dinner is a good Galician wine with designation of origin. Our region produces wines of renowned quality and prestige. Where to eat.


Visitors shouldn't miss Ribadeo's nightlife. The streets are lined with terraces, restaurants, bars, and pubs that stay open well into the night. You can sit down with your friends to have a glass of wine or you can enjoy one of the many events and live performances that will make your stay more fun. You can also try some of the more modern clubs with a variety of musical environments that cater to all tastes.

2 day


Cetáreas de Rinlo

If you spent the first day exploring the town centre, on the second day you can take a trip around the coast and obtain the Credencial del Viajero Ribadense” (traveller's credential).

Early in the morning you can go down Calle del Faro, follow the route of the overlooks, and watch part of Ribadeo's shoreline; then head down to Rinlo to see its old shellfish farms.

But before you do that, we suggest paying Pancha a little visit. Pancha is the nickname one of the most famous and picturesque islands in the area, where Ribadeo's lighthouses are.

In Rinlo you can take a stroll through the narrow streets -congostras- to explore this little port of medieval origin built on one of the few inlets suitable for the task on the coast. This fishing town with quaint sailor houses and cramped alleyways has not lost any of its old charm.


You can't say goodbye to Rinlo before trying their famous “caldoso” rice with lobster or the barnacles collected at their shellfish farms.  Where to eat



As you continue you journey along the coast, through the beach route, you will see a succession of headlands and bays, enclosed beaches, and rocky inlets which make our coastline one of the most beatiful in Galicia.

Beaches like Esteiro, Illas, and Castros, famous for their cliffs and fine sand, are the best option to take a dip or sunbathe before you reach at As Catedrais beach, Ribadeo's greatest Natural Monument. As Catedrais is regarded as one of the most beatiful beaches in the world and is among the top tourist destinations in Galicia. 

The N-634 road will take you back to the town centre. On both sides of the road you will see magnificent mansions built by the Indianos, wealthy returning emigrants from America.



At dinnertime you can stop at any of the restaurants that you will find on the N-634 and enjoy tender grilled meat, an ox t-bone steak with peppers from Piñeira, beans with clams, or a traditional fabada from Asturias (a kind of bean stew).   Alternatively, you can head downtown and try one of the tasting menus offered at our restaurants, a guaranteed gourmet experience that features local products. . Where you eat


Ribadeo offers a fantastic cultural programme: classical music, drama, small pop and rock concerts, magic shows, storytellers, etc. These are some of the most common events in this rich programme that can be enjoyed all throughout the year.

3 day


the Forest route

Today you could head inland to explore the less-visited interior of Ribadeo. We suggest parking the park and putting on your hiking boots, or going to the Tourism office to rent a bicycle.

You can do any of the interior routes that we propose on foot, on a bike, or on horseback (horseback routes to Madanela). You can choose the Estuary route, a circular route that begins in Ove and goes through the forests of the municipality offering you breathtaking views of Ribadeo estuary.

Alternatively, you can do the Forest route, which goes from Ove to Remourelle and takes you through the overlooks of Santa Cruz, A Coroa, and El Comado. Part of the route runs near the tumuli of Rego de Mel.



This time, we suggest trying traditional Galician cuisine; known for its uncomplicated dishes, cooked slowly using the best raw materials. You can stop at any of the traditional restaurants you will find in the interior. Recover your strength before you set off again with some caldo (broth), a succulent helping of lacón con grelos (pork shoulder with turnip tops), callos a la gallega (Galician tripe stew) or carne ao caldeiro (beef stew).


Santuario de Nosa Señora das Virtudes

During the afternoon we suggest visiting one of the best and most wonderful chapels in the municipality, the Santuario de Nosa Señora das Virtudes. It is in A Ponte, in the parish of Arante, and houses a rich heritage of late-medieval wall paintings. Due to this it is popularly known as the Sistine Chapel of the Way to Santiago. Please give advance notice.  

Just a few metres away you can discover one of the less-visited and best-preserved spots of the interior; Pozo Mouro, or Fervenza de Lexoso, a small waterfall surrounded by riverside vegetation.  

Two more surprises await you on the way to the centre. The first one is the majestic Pazo de Cedofeita. It still preserves all the features of a typical stately house of the 17th and 18th centuries (outdoors visit). The second one is the “pegadas do encanto” (the footprints of charm). This is a set consisting of 11 foot-shaped petroglyphs and two cup-marks (advance notice).


Before you leave Ribadeo, you should definitely treat yourself to a mariscada, a selection of seafood: velvet crab, spider crab, barnacles, shrimp, lobster... Or you could try the oysters grown in the estuary (only during oyster season).  Where you eat