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Plaza de España

A stroll through the streets and plazas of the urban centre is the first thing to do. You can get a map-guide at the Tourism office with pre-planned routes, indicating the locations of all the landmarks. Ask for the brochure for detailed information.

If you are planning to visit As Catedrais beach while in Ribadeo, you should take the tides into account. It's recommended to visit the beach at low tide. At the Tourism office we are happy to inform you what time is the best to go. At the office you can also request a map-guide with pre-planned routes  indicating the locations of all the landmarks in the area.

The Tourism office is in Plaza de España. If the tide is low in the afternoon, you will have time to make your way from the Plaza. This plaza is the beating heart of the village, around which stand buildings that will walk you through Ribadeo's history: the elegant, neoclassical pazo de Ibáñez, the cosmopolitan Torre de los Moreno, the sober convent of Santa Clara, and the parish church Santa María del Campo, whose origins go back to an ancient 13th century Franciscan monastery. 

La oficina de turismo la encontrarás en Plaza de España donde ya podrás comenzar tu ruta, si la marea baja fuese a la tarde. “Esta plaza, es el centro neurálgico de la villa, alrededor de esta se alzan construcciones que nos permiten recorrer la historia de Ribadeo, el elegante palacio neoclásico de Ibáñez, la cosmopolita Torre de los Moreno, el sobrio Convento de Santa Clara y la Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María del Campo cuyo origen se remonta a un antiguo convento franciscano del S. XIII.

Historical quarter

Once you leave the plaza, you can choose between two alternatives. You can head towards the sea and enter the Historical quarter, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). This is where rich noblemen and merchants built their residences, among those of sailors and craftsmen. As a result, the current urban landscape of the quarter is varied: emblazoned palaces stand side-to-side with simple constructions. The most significant religious edifice is the Atalaia chapel from the 12th century, the oldest in town. From here you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the marina and Ribadeo estuary.  

The other option is to go down the “calle peatonal” -pedestrian road-, one of the busiest streets in Ribadeo. It, along with the streets running perpendicular to it, concentrate countless shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants where you can see first-hand what is happening in town. At the end of the road you will reach one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Ribadeo nowadays; the Barrio de San Roque. The “Barrio Indiano de San Roque” is known for concentrating the largest number of Indiano mansions in the region. These residences, veritable urban villas in some cases, were built by wealthy returning emigrants from America, Indianos. These boldly-coloured houses, with elegant decorative symmetries and shapes, belonged to a new, more sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle.


Tasting menu

Along the road you will find a great number of restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes Galicia is known for. You can either have a light lunch and resume your journey or you can take your time and enjoy the succulent dishes on the menus of our best restaurants.  

Octopus, razor shells, squids, grouper, sheepshead, bass... Every dish is a unique experience.



Right after lunch you can go down Calle del Faro, follow the route of the overlooks, and see part of Ribadeo's seaside; then head to Rinlo, a port of medieval origin built on one of the few inlets suitable for the task on these shores. Around this traditional fishing port rose a village with narrow streets and picturesque sailor houses that hasn't lost any of its old charm. Rinlo is famous for the quality of its seafood, especially its lobsters and barnacles. 

As you make your way along the coast of Ribadeo, following the Beach route, you will eventually reach our most well-known beach, As Catedrais, declared a Natural Monument and a Site of Community Importance (SCI). The beach, has been recently recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world, is one of the top tourist destinations in Galicia. It was so named because of the appearance of its bluffs, which ressemble the buttresses of a marvelous Gothic cathedral. Make sure you ask at the Tourism office if the tide will be low when you stop by, as that is the best time to visit it. Back in the historical quarter, after some tourist shopping, we recommend walking up to the best viewpoint in town, Monte de Santa Cruz, where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Ribadeo estuary.



A number of restaurants offer tasting menus at a set price and with the same service and quality.

If you want to have an unforgettable gourmet experience of assured quality with local products, you should book one of these tasting menus, which cost 60 euros for two people.


Visitors shouldn't miss Ribadeo's nightlife. The streets are lined with terraces, restaurants, bars, and pubs that stay open well into the night. You can sit down with your friends to have a glass of wine or you can enjoy one of the many events and live performances that will make your stay more fun. You can also try some of the more modern clubs with a variety of musical environments that cater to all tastes.