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San Damián fort

San Damián fort

This fort, one of the best examples of Ribadeo's military architecture, is sited at the mouth of the estuary. It replaced a tower called Torre Nueva.

The fort was built in a difficult-to-access vantage point by Marquis de Cerralbo in 1624.  The fort was meant to protect the mouth of the estuary from potential attacks by sea, and was equipped with artillery for that purpose.

It was destroyed during a British attack in 1719. In 1774 it was rebuilt, but an explosion in 1809, during the Independence War, reduced it to rubble once again.

San Damián fort

Later, it became the property of the Town Council, which restored the fort, preserving the outer wall and its bastion, the pit, and the buttresses. Today it serves as an exhibition hall for the town.

The fort is located in a scenic place with great views over Ribadeo and the estuary.