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Beach route

Rinlo harbour

Beach of As Illas and Xuncos

This route will take you along the coastline of Ribadeo and will allow you to catch a glimpse of the inlets, beaches, and rocky coves of this protected natural area included in the Natura network.  

The route starts in Rinlo, a small village which started life as a whaling port over 500 years ago. Nowadays it is a small, picturesque fishing village known for being the best source of barnacles, lobsters, and spider crabs of the Cantabric coast.

The road to Xuncos

Beach of Os Castros and Esteiro

After Rinlo, the next stop is the small, rocky beach of Xuncos, with sheer cliffs and fine white sand.  From here, the route continues through the Los Castros beach, only second in importance to As Catedrais in Ribadeo. Due to its location, it has more of a swell than the other beaches along this coast.  

Next in line is As Illas beach, stretching between a group of small islands and the coast, a unique, beautiful landscape. When the tide is low, As Illas joins the neighbouring beach of Os Castros, allowing the visitor to walk among the ponds, rocks, and cliffs.

From Esteiro to As Catedrais

Following the route's signage, you will then arrive at the peculiar beach of Esterio, shaped like and arch stretching into the sea.

Finally, you will arrive at the beach of Augasantas, better known as As Catedrais, a unique place of extraordinary beauty. It is recommended to visit it at low tide, as it is completely covered in water during high tide