Food festivals

Ribadeo is known for the quality of its seafood and fish, and its produce. Every year, festivals are held in order to celebrate this wealth:

Festa do Percebe (Barnacle festival)


Some time between July and August, depending on the tides, the village of Rinlo, San Pedro, celebrates the Barnacle festival, where you can sample not only its namesake, but also other kinds of seafood at the local establishments or under a tarp rolled out for the occasion in this seaside settlement.

Festa da Carne ao Caldeiro (Cauldron Beef festival)

The Festa da Carne ao Caldeiro is celebrated in August in Remourelle valley, Arante. Visitors and locals can enjoy a tasting of this traditional stew made with Galician Beef and paprika. The locals from this village, where livestock farming is the main economic activity, are in charge of organizing the event with the aid of hospitality entrepreneurs.

Ribadeo de Tapeo (tapas)

Ribadeo de Tapeo

Held every year, Ribadeo de Tapeo is an event where you can taste bite-sized samples of the food of all participating establishments. There are also a few other activities around this event, such as the “Microvídeo” contest, the “Escapada Gastronómica” and the “desTapemos la igualdad” campaign.