Ribadeo´s cuisine

Prato gastronómico de Ribadeo

Ribadeo is known for the quality of its tourist facilities, especially when it comes to restaurants and tapas joints.  

Many people see our town as an ideal place not just for resting, but also to become acquainted with Lugo's Mariña region and the Western part of Asturias.

The quality of our seafood and our estuary provide the traveller with an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of dishes in more than 50 establishments.

Prato gastronómico de Ribadeo

Octopus, razor shells, squid, grouper, bream, bass... It's a different experience every meal.

Our greens and vegetables make the perfect side for these dishes, and thanks to them Ribadeo is gaining relevance as a top food tourism destination.

Ribadeo´s entrepreneurs have worked together with the local government towards improving our food offer. This joint effort has led to the creation of products such as the ones below.

Take-away cuisine, the best way to enjoy Galicia´s food when you´re away

The town is home to many stores where you can buy Galician gourmet products, with many bearing the Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication distinctions. Among them are the well-known Galician wines, aguardientes, traditional liquors, cheeses, meats, and produce.  

And let´s not forget the famous convent-made sweets from the tender hands of the Clarisas Ribadenses, such as the Tarta de As Catedrais and the traditional Chocolates Moreno, dating back to the early 20th century.  

Many of these products can also be found at the local marketplace and at the Sunday market (Mercado de los Domingos), which takes place every week between July and September and where produce is the main event.