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Trinidad chapel / Atalaya chapel

Trinidad chapel / Atalaya chapel

This is one of the oldest temples in Ribadeo, built in the 12th century by Ferdinand II over part of the old city walls. It is located on a promontory with a view over the mouth of the estuary upon which torches were lit to guide sailors at night in the Middle Ages.

The name Atalaya (which means watchtower) is derived from this viewpoint, from which the port of Porcillán and other beautiful sights can be enjoyed. This location used to be the town's stonghold, as can be inferred from the two cannons next to the temple.

En esta capilla, consagrada a la Santísima Trinidad,  se reunían los gremios y se celebraban los consejos abiertos.

Trinidad chapel / Atalaya chapel

This chapel, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, used to be the gathering place for guilds, where they held open councils. The chapel underwent several reforms throughout its history. Currently it preserves its main Gothic doorway from the 14th century, with zigzagging decoration and two human heads on the ends. It has a nave, a triumphal arch, and a chancel.

In the interior there are three altarpieces, the Baroque one being a stand-out, with sculptures from several periods, among which is the image of the Holy Trinity and a font mounted on a Gothic column. Over the main gate are a stone engraving of Ribadeo's coat of arms and a belfry with a single opening.