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Santa María del Campo church

Santa María del Campo church

Before it became the Santa María del Campo parish church in 1835, the building used to be a Franciscan convent.

Throughout its history, the church underwent several reforms. In 1905 the old belfry on the Gospel side was demolished and in its place the current belfry was built. 

The church was expanded with a portico and a choir, and its wooden vault was replaced with a ribbed vault.

Very little remains from the Franciscan convent apart from the general floor plan, the chancel arch, and the floor tiles.

The temple has a central nave with a simple ribbed vault, a main chapel, two chapels in the apse, and two more in the transept. The centre of the transept and the two chapels on the left also have a ribbed vault with tiercerons and liernes.

Santa María del Campo church

The Gothic doorway from the 14th century has four columns with capitals decorated with plant motifs, a large window from the same period and a Neo-Gothic tower.

On the left side of the temple there is a Gothic doorway similar to the main one, also from the 14th century, with two columns whose capitels are decorated with angles and plant motifs.

The highlights of the interior are two Romanesque arches leading to the old chapterhouse and two Baroque altarpieces from the 18th century.

The coats of arms of important noble families of Ribadeo can also be found inside.