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2. Torre de los Moreno

Torre de los Moreno

This residence was built in the years 1914-1915 and was commissioned by the brothers Juan and Pedro Moreno Ulloa, following the criteria of Argentinian architect Julián García Núñez and engineer Ángel Ardex, a student of celebrated Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudí. 

Much was made at the time about its construction, and when it was finally completed, it was praised for its innovative nature and the materials used: concrete, glass, and wrought iron.

The building boasts three different façades. The main one faces Cantón dos Moreno, which is the starting point of this route. The side façade is on Calle Villandrando, named after the Marquis of Sargadelos, builder of this estate that was once home to the nobleman who introduced the Enlightenment to the Western lands of the Cantabric coast. Nowadays it houses Ribadeo's Town Council. Finally, the back façade is on Praza de Abaixo.

The building is also noted for its modernist ornaments and its dome, supported by four Caryatids, which can be seen from all four corners of town. It was built on the highest point in the area, upon which was once an ancient fortress.

It is little wonder that the Torre dos Moreno has since become an icon for Ribadeo