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Festivals and events


Carnival: It is held forty days before Holy Thursday. In the 1980s, Carnival week established itself as one of the most celebrated festivals by citizens. The festival opens on Sunday with a speech. Its main events are the parade of troupes (Tuesday) and the burning (Saturday).

Los Mayos: Held in May. It's an age-old, recently recovered rite of spring.

Fiesta de las Cruces:  Celebrated seven weeks after Easter Sunday in the village of A Ponte, in the Arante parish. Flagbearers from the local parishes parade their banners to commemorate their victory against general François Fournier in the Independence War.

Ribadeo de Tapeo: Held in the third and fourth weeks of May. Most of the local hospitality establishments participate in this festival, showcasing their original dishes prepared with local products and competing against each other.

Ribadeo indiano

Ribadeo indiano: Held at the second weekend of July. The goal of this festival is to bring the atmosphere of early 20th century Ribadeo back to life, a time when  traditions, trends, and even architecture were strongly influenced by the Indianos (returning emigrants from America).

Fiesta del Carmen: In July. This maritime parade, organized by the Fishermen's Guild of Ribadeo, pays tribute to the patron saint of sailors. Many vessels from the different docks along the estuary participate in this event.

Feria del Libro: The Book Festival tradition was recovered in 2014, and is now held during the third week of July. There are also other activities around this event for all age groups and audiences.

Fiesta del Percebe: Held in late July-early August, depending on the tide, in the picturesque village of Rinlo. Here you can enjoy a tasting of the festival's namesake food (barnacles), as well as other types of seafood in a marquee set up for the ocassion in this fishing village.

Gira de Santa Cruz: This pilgrimage, held on the first Sunday of August at the viewpoint in Santa Cruz, has been declared of National Tourist Interest. The origin of this festivity goes back to 1965, when a monument for Galician pipers was erected at the viewpoint and the Día de la Gaita (Bagpipe Day) became officially recognized. The fiesta begins on Saturday with an opening speech. On Sunday morning troupes of pipers and drummers parade the streets. Then, at noon, many folkloric groups perform in front of the Town Hall. After that, hundreds of neighbours gather in mount Santa Cruz to lay down wreaths at the Galician Piper memorial. Once that is done, visitors have lunch at this location and later enjoy a verbena (an open air dance with a live band).

Festivals and events

Trofeo Emma Cuervo: August, at the municipal football pitch. One of the, if not the, oldest summer football tournament, traditionally celebrated throughout Spain, where an Asturian team plays a Galician club.

Semana Náutica: Organized by the Royal Sailing Club of Ribadeo and held in August at the Marina. The Nautical Week's programme include lateen sail races, the swimming crossing of the estuary, fishing contests, and many other sporting/recreational sea-based activities.

Fiesta de San Roque: On the 16th of August. This festivity is dedicated to Ribadeo's co-patron, Saint Roch. As per tradition, a mass is held in the chapel that houses the image of the saint, followed by the Cocos y Cabezudos procession (a parade where people wear giant masks) and a concert by the municipal band. The fiesta continues well into the night, with a street party with live music.

Día de la Malla: Held mid-August.  The Neighbourhood Association of As Anzas stages an exhibition about the art of “Malla” (threshing), an ethnographic recovery of a rural Galician tradition where community work is at the forefront.

Festa da Carne ao Caldeiro : A popular tasting of this beef stew is held in August in Remourelle valley, in the parish of Arante. The neighbours, along with the local shop owners and catering entrepreneurs, are in charge of organizing the event in this small town that thrives on cattle farming.

Patron sain festival: Held in the town on the 8th of September. This festivity is dedicated to Ribadeo's co-patron, Santa María del Campo. The festival lasts a whole week, the so-called Semana Grande, where the town is host to not only religious ceremonies, but also sports competitions and cultural events. Theatrical plays, puppet shows, concerts, and verbenas are also on the menu, along with the famous Cocos y Cabezudos parade. 

Samaín: On November 1st. The town has recovered this ancient end-of-summer rite celebrating the harvest and the beginning of winter.